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A Brief History of Boston

Due to the role that it played in the instigation of the American Revolution, Boston, Massachusetts is often called “The Cradle of Liberty.” The history of Boston is rich and begins back in the 1930s when a settlement was established there by the Puritans.

The first deputy governor of Massachusetts, Thomas Dudley named Boston, his hometown was Boston, Lincolnshire, England. Boston had once been the capital of the Massachusetts Bay Company and then became the home over one thousand Puritans who had escaped Europe due to religious and political persecution.

Later in history the inhabitants of Boston became known as Bostonians.

The Puritans landed, in September if 1630 on the Shawmut Peninsula which had been named by its current inhabitants, the Native Americans. Until the town was renamed as mentioned earlier after Boston, Lincolnshire, England the Puritans named it Trimountaine.

The famous sermon called “A City Upon a Hill” was actually delivered by the original Governor of Massachusetts Bay Company, John Winthrop. This was delivered in 1630, prior to their departure from Europe and in it John Winthrop addressed the unique covenant that the Puritans had with God as well as their actions which the world would be observing.

The history of Boston shows that it became the hotspot of unrest as the heavy taxation that was being dished out to the colonists by the British Parliament caused them to rebel.

In response to the 1767 Townshend Acts, a boycott was organised by the colonists, this brought about what is the alleged “Boston Massacre.” It was determined during the trial that the redcoats had been made to draw their fire upon the crowds.

Originally it was believed that this is what caused the American public to be swayed against the British, recently however, historians have concluded that further actions by the British that were unpopular would have had to have occurred prior to a larger amount of the population coming to embrace a view as radical as independance.

There were many other upheavals the had a strong influence on the colonists deciding to raise arms and go to battle against the British. There were radicals including Samuel Adams who were directly involved in the Boston Tea Party which caused similar actions to take place in other port cities all along the Eastern seaboard, these had a tendency of polarising the sides in this dispute that were now widening. The views that were held by the Patriots and the loyalists only caused to become more ardent.

There were Parliament acts such as the 1773 Tea Act and the June 1774 Boston Port Act which were an attempt to regain the order in boston. There were several Revolutionary War battles that were fought earlier whether near or in Boston. For example the Battle of Bunker Hill, the battle of Lexington and the Siege of boston. This was the time in which Paul Revere made his famous Midnight Run.

This town name one of the wealthiest international trading ports in the world after the American Revolution, the social and cultural elite called the “Boston Brahmins” were made up of the old Boston families. The history of Boston shows that there was a rush of immigrants that arrived from Italy and Ireland and in the 1820s, Boston began to greatly change. Currently the largest religious community in boston is comprised of Catholics. A significant role in the politics of Boston has been played particularly by the Irish Catholics, with prominent figures such as John F. Kennedy and many others.

Boston fell into a decline by the mid-1900s due to the fact that there was a relocation of major factories to areas in which it was cheaper to find a source of labor. The way the city responded was with urban renewal projects which caused the old West End neighborhood to be levelled and the Government Center was constructed. Boton became a leader in the mutual fund industry when in the 1970s, they encouraged diversification into the fields of banking and investment.

In 1974, racial tensions were ignited due to the forced busing of students. This was merely a shot at creating a student body that was more balance, this was especially true for neighborhoods made up of a single ethnicity. Racial tensions in the city were highlighted bu the violence and unrest that ensued.

Since that era, many of those neighborhoods that were ethnically packed have now become housing areas for some of the society's wealthiest. The end result has been that there are great gentrification issues being dealt with by the city, many of the working class or modest neighborhoods have disappeared.

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