Boston Neighbourhoods - The Best They Have To Offer!

Five of the Best Boston Neighbourhoods

Much as New York city is made up of various boroughs, the lovely city of boston is a large on that to is made up of quite unique neighborhoods, each has a but of flare and their on local spice and flavor of life. If you are new to the area you may find it a bit confusing or, if you are planning on moving here, you may be wondering what are the best Boston neighbourhoods.

To help you out with that question, in this article we will discuss five of the best Boston neighbourhoods.


1. Jamaica Plain

This hip, lefty area is still quite homey. Earlier on during the housing boom in Boston, this neighborhood was gentrified as well. This diverse neighborhood suddenly saw droves of professionals move in and the population is made up of a loy of leasbians, Latinos and physicians that work in the Longwood medical area that is nearby.

The housing stock in itself is a combination of triple-deckers, old victorians and single family homes. The green space in Jamaica Plain characterizes this neighborhood. The focal point for locals is the Jamaica Pond which is ideal for rowing, jogging and walking your dog.


2. Davis Square

One of the lasts stops on the Red Line is Davis Square which straddles Somerville and Cambridge. In the late 1990s, this neighborhood burst onto the scene and since then it has never looked back. One of the hippest neighborhoods is Davis Square, the lively mix of residents are a combination of empty-nesters, Tufts University students, professionals as well as aging residents who are seen walking around with their Birkenstocks.

This neighborhood is dense and urban, there are few open spaces however there are seemingly endless restaurants as well as distinctive shops. The popularity of the square is such that even chain eateries are beginning to move in.


3. South Boston

Early on in the decade, South Boston was suddenly discovered by young professionals. This waterfront neighborhood suddenly saw them flocking in as they moved in next door to residents that are second, even third generation Irish and Polish. IN doing so, they drove up the property values, however the prices are still more reasonable that those found in the nearby Back Bay and financial district.

The housing stock is made up of working class, dressed up condominiums and row houses. However, the prettiest amenity found in South Boston is its waterfront, the is a stretch of waterfront beach that is a over a mile long and ends at Fort Independence, it is a triable of land that juts into the Boston Harbor.

Castle Island is what Bostonians call it and it is where they go to eat a hot dog, walk their dogs or observe the planes that are landing across the bat at the Logan Airport.


4. East Boston

Sections of East Boston have become gentrified, however urban pioneers should note that most of the neighborhood still retains its longtime population that includes Italians.

There are many who reside on Eagle Hill and other in the Orient Heights section which is very secluded. It is a popular destination for immigrants from El Salvador, guatemala and Brazil so you will find plenty of Pupusas they are fluffy tortillas stuffed with meat, beans or an array of other delicious goodies.

The stock of urban housing is mainly triple deckers and two family homes.


5. Brookline

Bostonians consider brookline to be just another of the best Boston Neighborhoods, not a city of its own. The beating heat of Brookline's Coolidge Corner and is on the Green Line, only a few stops aways from downtown.

This is the stereotype of a Jewish settlement for this city, there is a large Jewish population as well as stores selling specialty items such as mezuzah. Developed in Brookline´s brick, the condos and post war apartment buildings draw in young professionals while the wealthy are attracted by the spacious homes.

The type of community in this area is the kind that is able to maintain an independent bookstore alive and well. There is also a wide array of upscale ethnic restaurants featuring Turkish, Japanese and Indian foods.

If you are looking for on of the best Boston neighbourhoods, any of these will more than do.

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